The Knotter Fishing Knot Tying Tool
EASIEST & FASTEST way to tie a perfect fishing Knot!


Quickly tie perfect fishing knots with The Knotter Fishing Knot Tying tool. THE EASIEST & FASTEST way to tie a perfect Fishing Knot everytime!

The Knotter Fishing Tying Tool was designed to provide a way for anyone to tie a perfect fishing knot in just seconds. Whether you are new to fishing, a youth angler, or a seasoned pro...The Knotter ties a perfect fishing knot everytime!

• Easy to use
• Works on jigs, hooks, swivels, leaders, flys & crankbaits
• Works on 2lb to 60lb test fishing line
• Works great with monofilament fishing line, braided line & fluorocarbon line
• Even works tying knots on thin rope!
• Excellent if you have vision problems, arthritis or shaky hands
• Won't rust and built to last
• Small and compact
• Fits easily in your pocket or tackle box.
• Great for all ages
Great Gift Idea!

Download The Knotter instructions

Check out the Knotter on youtube for more knots!

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The Knotter - 12pk.


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